We offer a turnkey solution for Gracie Certified Training Centers that is designed to get new students walking through your doors immediately!

  • Gracie Academy® Approved Content
  • Interactive Free Class Signup
  • Special Events Pages
  • Modern, Mobile-friendly Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics Dashboard

Real Talk

Students are the lifeblood of every Gracie Certified Training Center. Student referrals and foot traffic are great, but rarely produce enough new students to keep a school thriving. And every CTC owner has felt the stress of losing students faster than gaining them.

It’s not a big secret that a good website will attract new students. In 2019, most first impressions are made online, whether it is your social media pages or your website. If your website is a mess, or completely non-existent, you are throwing away opportunities for new students.

The Solution

ARMBAR Creative is focused on attracting you new students through a modern, easy-to navigate, content-rich website and targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We offer you a low-cost website that we help you manage on a monthly basis.

The idea is to create a cost effective, low stress, low maintenance lead generation platform you so can focus on running your CTC.

Our websites are updated to current standards; specifically in the areas of modern & mobile friendly website design, technological functionality, ease of management, and compliance with W3C web standards.

Your CTC needs a site that:

  • Provides a modern web presence
  • Increases and converts visitors via SEO optimization
  • Offers well-organized, relevant information
  • Prents an easy to navigate user interface
  • Gives current and potential students a clear path to contact you

Listen to what other CTC owners are saying

Allan Manganello – Gracie Louisville

“Between the months of January 2018 and May 1st, 2018, we signed up 56 new students and I attribute so much of that to the website.”

Jason Brock – Gracie Decatur

“This website has been epic to help us grow in the last 9 months form zero students, up to now at 116. And today we have 6 potential signups.”

Tom Chuckerel – Gracie Monterey

“We’ve been open 6 months now and we’re already up to 80 Students. I’d like to attribute a lot of our success to our website.”

Steve Walker – Gracie Santa Cruz

“Multiple people have said, I googled ‘Jiu Jitsu Santa Cruz’, I checked out a few different schools and your website was the best.”

Miro Ayala – Gracie Vallejo

“The best part of getting a website built for us is that now we have a presence online”

Houston Cotrell – Gracie Madison

“When your website matches your product, it’s an amazing day!”

CTC Website Features

Pre-Filled Content

Your CTC site will come pre-filled with Search Engine Optimized content that has been tested to boost your Google search rankings. Each page contains video content provided by the Gracie Academy®

Interactive Class Signup

You want the visitors coming to your site to get the info they need and walk through your doors in the least amount of steps possible. Each page of the site will include an interactive free class signup that is synced to your class schedule. The student will receive a confirmation email and a text message reminder before class.

Mobile Responsive Design

Over 60% of all web traffic is now on Mobile devices. Recently, Google even implemented penalties for sites that aren’t mobile friendly, dropping your search ranking. This is why it is essential for your site to be mobile friendly.

Google Analytics Dashboard

The only way to know if your site is performing well is to know how many people are coming and what pages they are looking at. We’ve set up a Google Analytics stats center that is available for you 24/7.

Class Schedule and Special Events Listings

Each site comes equipped with a clean and easy to read class schedule as well as a special events/seminars listing page. We can also set up individual pages for each event, rich with content, videos, and images.

Monthly Support

Along with conducting monthly security and tech updates, each month we will provide you with one complimentary service such as updating your class schedule or adding a special event listing. *Ask us about our full menu of complimentary monthly services to choose from.

CTC Sites Examples

About Me


I have been involved in web design & development, systems architecture, online marketing, and SEO for the last 20 years. I have owned, built, and managed multiple web and software companies and worked with clients in a wide variety of industries to help them thrive in this ever-changing technological environment.

I am also a Gracie University Certified Instructor at the Santa Cruz, CA CTC. Being deeply involved in the development of our CTC has helped me understand exactly what new Gracie University students are looking for and how to get them in the door. I approach web development with the same structured approach that I learned from my ICP training.


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